A few of our Favorite things Handmade and Unique Gifts

Heart Messages – Spread Love and Encouragement Each heart is a hand sculpted solid glass heart adorned with carefully chosen beads and charms carrying positive words.  The shape, shades of color and combination of smooth glass and beads invite touch as well as providing visual pleasure.   Hand blown drinking [...]

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Making or Breaking of a Glass Ceiling

We often get RFPs and RFQs for custom handmade glass lighting and or glass ceiling fixtures from architects and designers, both commercial and residential. Designing, fabricating and installing a custom designed functional glass sculpture which will be suspended overhead in either a public, private or residential installation requires skill, knowledge [...]

Who does your metal work?

This is a question we’ve heard lately. The answer is it depends, James prefers to his own metal work, however there are circumstances that create a need to subcontract. Just like bringing in glass blowers when we have a lot of work we subcontract metal work as the need arises. [...]

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