Wow, it feels like I just wrote the June blog yesterday. We must be in warp drive.


I don’t have much in the way of news, except that I think the July Collectors Club glasses are knock your socks off gorgeous. We are calling them “Independence”. I’m thinking that there is a lot to be said in that name. All of us are finally becoming independent of our plague. These pieces are red, white and blue with sparkles inside and out.

We have a plan

Carol and I have finally been able to plan again. We have come up with designs for the next several months of Collectors Club glasses; August will be called “Hot August Nights”, September “See you in September” and October “Pumpkin Spice”.

For those of you who never have enough glasses we are adding some new options to your membership.

Independence shot and weibleAdd a Glass

First, on a very limited basis we will make available the design of the month we are currently in, as either shot glass or Weible.

You may remember the toy that wobbled but did not fall down.   In the beginning our Weibles wobbled, this is great little glass born out of teaching glass blowing workshops.  An exercise for our continuing students is to blow a drinking glass in four steps – often the glasses are small, misshaped with round bottoms – hence the Weible name.   One day we realized this was a great size for a glass, many clients like them for martinis or wine, some put their favorite votive candle in them.

A shot glass is for doing shots, big shots.

If you order either glass design to be shipped with your club order, the special price will be only $35.00 per glass, including shipping.

Very limited number of custom pieces in the month’s color and design

Next great opportunity, we make a very limited number of custom pieces in the month’s color and design. While I am making your Collector’s Club drink ware, I sometimes get bored and need a change of pace to help get refocused. I’m finding that I can use the monthly color to make some of my favorite pieces like ollas, cylinders and wavy plates.  We offer them on a first come first served bases by posting photos on social media and our on-line store. These unique pieces make for a good addition to your glass collections or great holiday gifts.  If there is a color series you like reach out, we will send photos of what we have and we take custom orders.

Remember we are making Collectors Club Candles now too!

That’s it from James for the moment. Exciting stuff at Stone and Glass, if you are in the San Diego area, please stop in for a visit.

May you have a blessed month,