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UCSD Student collaborative public art project

First the exciting UCSD Student collaborative public art project. Many months ago, we were commissioned to create ten pieces of public art for the new 8th at UCSD. The new campus is under construction as we speak.

We felt that the project would be much more meaningful for everyone, if we engaged students as the lead designers and created the pieces using their designs and my unique cut and cast method. We put out a call for artists and received 35 applications. All were very good designs. Unfortunately, we were limited to ten pieces. After the final selection we began working with the new student designers. I am not sure which part was more exciting, working with young people who had no boundaries or trying to figure out how to make the pieces they designed.

The development process was very challenging. Trying to help young artists make their very first public art creations was very gratifying. Teaching them to balance design, material costs and converting their beloved designs into the cut and cast method, was a great experience for all. It has been a privilege to help launch these young people on their artistic careers. Additionally, once all pieces are completed, there will be a published book about this innovative student collaborative public art project. All in all, this has been an inspirational project for all. Thank you UCSD for this privilege.

Here are a few progress photos – stay tuned as they will come together quickly now.

“The Glass Thread, One Artists Lonely Journey from Addiction to Enlightenment.”

Next item, most of you already know that I have been writing a memoir “The Glass Thread, One Artists Lonely Journey from Addiction to Enlightenment.” The book took about three years. Through the strangest of coincidences, I had a glassblowing student in a Saturday class, who has a small children’s book publishing company, Penguin Dreams LLC. Lalo and I hit it off from the moment we first met. Lalo took my manuscript and published it in finished form. You can visit my author site, read about my journey and purchase a copy at The early reviews have been very kind. Please support my efforts, buy a copy and enjoy.


Lastly, many of you know that I had a design partner named Rod Bass for over 30 years. Rod passed away tragically last year in a traffic accident. The loss has been indescribable. I decided to make one of the pieces that Rod and I designed but never found a patron to support. Without my trusted friend and design partner, I turned to a fellow artist, Suzanne Nicoliasen for support. Together we created Rod’s and our wall piece titled “Embrace” pictured below. It was a gift to have her help and the final work is breathtaking. This wall art is still available and worth a visit to the studio.

There are many more shenanigans going on at Stone and Glass. If you are in the area, please stop in and we will be more than happy to share.

Thank you for staying with me. May your journey be filled with peace and love.