James Stone is an Ocean Conservation Mixed Media Sculpture Artist. He is most noted for his aluminum and sculpted glass pieces. He creates sea creatures and marine-themed sculptures that portray the ocean’s diverse flora and fauna. Most pieces portray a message of eco-awareness forged within them. His process of casting glass hot out of the furnace, directly into the sculpted metal, is unique. His technique combines metal and hot cast glass with painted accents. He creates and teaches at his studio located in Escondido, California

Recent Posts

2018 Oh what a year; forged in the fires of adversity

2018, oh what a year! I think that we can confidently say that we are back. Since the 2017 April Fool’s Day fire, Stone & Glass has morphed into a very different business. It is a funny thing, this is [...]

A few of our Favorite things Handmade and Unique Gifts

Heart Messages – Spread Love and Encouragement Each heart is a hand sculpted solid glass heart adorned with carefully chosen beads and charms carrying positive words.  The shape, shades of color and combination of smooth glass and beads invite touch [...]

Tale of a treasured Frog

Artists need Patrons Artists from the beginning of time have needed a patron or a series of patrons to support their creative efforts and allow them to develop their personal talents. There are all kinds of patrons. The best ones [...]


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      Tree Under The Sea

      Urban Trees 3
      May 2006 – April 2007
      Port of San Diego
      San Diego, California

      Tree Frozen In Time

      Urban Trees 1
      May 2004 – April 2005
      Port of San Diego
      San Diego, California

      Tree Frozen In Time

      Show & Tell: The Art of Vision
      April through May 2008
      Zimmer Children’s Museum
      Los Angeles, California


      Art Aquatic

      Sea Life + Glassworks Exhibit
      March through October 2012
      Chula Vista Nature Center
      Chula Vista, California

      Noah’s Arc Bench

      “Mayor’s Purchase Award” Spring 2004
      Affaire in the Gardens Art Show
      Beverly Hills, California

      Not Seen, Not Heard, But Felt

      Permanent Installation: August 2008
      Aquarium of the Pacific
      Long Beach, California