June, WOW what a month this is turning out to be.

To start with, I turned 70 on June fifth. A big milestone. I have now outlived my father by three years. My wonderful wife Carol and my two Daughters secretly arranged a week-long celebration, which was full of surprises and so over the top that it took me a full week to recover. Thank you to everyone and especially to the over 200 friends, family and patrons who reached out electronically with birthday wishes. I am truly touched by all the kindness and love.

Stone and Glass is a buzz with possibilities this month.

The most exciting thing is that a public art project that Carol and I have been working to develop has taken significant steps forward. This art piece is a 32-foot tall stainless-steel and dichroic glass monument titled “Lighting the Way” which will stand at the western entrance to Escondido. We have been slowly moving this project forward for about two years now. Earlier in the month we received a unanimous approval from the city Public Arts Commission. By the end of the month, we hope to have a final design approval from the city council. Assuming we receive the final approval we then will be off and running the race to find the funding, get all the engineering approvals, gather the materials and help to finish and install the completed project by the end of the year. A huge challenge, one that we have been anticipating since we first came up with the concept.

What else is happening at Stone and Glass?

We are merrily working away at making Collector’s Club drinking glasses.  Our twelfth edition of the club ships this month, seems like just yesterday we were looking for ways to save our business and here we are today thanks to all of you.  The glass this month is a lovely combination of cobalt blue, soft pink accented with gold and lined in white.  In my mind it has a tropical feel, leading to the name Pink Sands.

We are trying to restock our gallery and we have several custom lighting projects going on.

Oh, yeah and the studio has been 110 degrees for the past week. I think I can confidently say that “we are hot” at Stone and Glass.

Have a great birthday month. I will keep you posted in July.