This is a question we’ve heard lately. The answer is it depends, James prefers to his own metal work, however there are circumstances that create a need to subcontract.

Just like bringing in glass blowers when we have a lot of work we subcontract metal work as the need arises. Could be time does not allow James to do the work himself, could be the job requires certifications he does not hold. The most significant factor in the years preceding our move to Escondido was we were prohibited to weld, grind and paint in our old facility.

This was a driving factor for our move, in the new location we have an area dedicated to metal fabrication and no restriction on noise, smell or timing.

With this new found freedom James is struggling with what projects to create first. Check out the latest Ocean Conservation piece in the works – COD – ancient artifacts assembled to tell the story of the demise of the great cod species

.cod in process