Well, “Hello Spring” with its freshly reborn color and energy has arrived. Spring is the beginning of the cycle of new growth, filled with the softest of greens, blues and wisps of warm color found in the young blooms is the inspiration for the March edition of the Collectors Club. During springtime the world is full of excitement and anticipation. On the farm where I was raised, spring was the time for the arrival of baby chicks and the baby lambs were finally ready to exit the safety and warmth of barns for the first time and dance in the spring rains. That’s where we find ourselves this month, enjoying the energies and hopes of spring. When I thought about our valued patrons and friends, those who supported our efforts to stay vital during these tough times, I tried to capture the softest of color to represent the beauty of rebirth.

Newness and Rebirth

Our month at Stone and Glass was full of newness and rebirth. First because we seem to be sensing that there really is a brighter future just around the corner. We are optimistic that by summer’s end, in our long-shared battle with the out-of-control pandemic, we are finally approaching a victory. We are hoping that by summer’s end we will be able to return to a full class schedule and welcoming you and your families back for group classes in holiday ornaments and guided gift creation classes.

Next Month at Stone and Glass

Also, during this time we have been working on new designs and color combinations. Next month we hope to bring out a Stone and Glass first, a new series of martini glasses. These glasses have proved very challenging to make. After many attempts I am only now getting the song down in my head. I’m thinking that they will only be made in limited quantity, maybe ten at a time and only available to “Collectors Club” members on a first come bases. So, if you are not yet one of our family and you drink martinis, don’t miss these soon to be born beauties, join the club.

I ask for your prayers

Lastly, I ask for your prayers. I have been on the chase for a commission to make and install a very large scale out door public art project. We are in the earliest of stages. The initial concept is completed and working its way through the tortuous process of public art approval. It is in my head every moment of every day. The design calls for a thirty-foot-tall monument of dichroic glass, lit from the inside. I can’t decide on the name just yet. I’m thinking about calling it either “Lighting the Way” or “Be the Light”. As always, I am asking for your opinions.

Have a blessed month. I look forward to sharing a few moments with every one of you next month and in person soon.