I can’t believe that yet another month has passed since I last had the opportunity to reach out to all of our glass friends and supporters. Where does the time go? As the pandemic seems to be easing it has brought new growth and opportunities to Stone and Glass.

Lighting the Way

First, a very large public art project for the city of Escondido, one that we have been dreaming about and working on for quite a while now, has reemerged from a long dormant cycle and has begun moving forward. Hopefully by next month we can share the details. For the moment stay tuned for “Lighting the Way.”


We performed our first educational streaming program for the Stem/Stream curriculum this past month. The reviews were very positive. We are thinking about rolling it out to local schools, maybe as soon as next month. If you know of any schools that might be interested, please forward your referrals.

Stone’s Stones

We were commissioned by a longtime patron to create a special gift for his business partners to celebrate a just completed project. This type of challenge is my favorite to create because his only direction was the number of pieces he wanted and the budget. His instruction was “just play, make what is in your heart.” I had a prototype form on the shelf for many years, one that just never found a home. Carol, Jon and I worked on updating the design and bam, we came up with a winner called Stone’s Stones. We stacked them up into a Cairn and the customer was duly impressed and loved the outcome.

The final piece was so compelling that we sold two more stacks to clients who saw the original before it was delivered. We are going to make three or four more stacks, if you are interested reach out to Carol ASAP because I’m pretty sure they will be leaving for new homes as soon as they are complete.

“A little bit brighter now” remind you of song lyric?   Louder – Brighter are much the same.

As to this months’ Collectors Club issue, “A little bit brighter now” All I can say is that the color is a direct reflection of the energy, all of us around the world, feeling better about coming out of the pandemic. As spring arrived with its’ bright colors and new growth, our faith and excitement in the true power of nature have been renewed. Enjoy these colors as the artifacts of renewal and I hope that every time you use them you feel excited about your own new growth and the healing of our place, that we are all experiencing.