Spread Love and Encouragement this holiday season with a Heart Message from Stone and Glass.

The shapes, shades of color and combination of smooth glass and beads invite touch as well as providing visual pleasure.  They are designed to be kept where you most need a reminder to take a breath and find peace, love, acceptance, harmony, balance, inspiration……………

Heart messages make meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones at the Holidays and anytime you want to send a positive message.

Heart Messages are available on line or in our Gallery and are offered in many colors with a choice of message;

Positive words, thoughts and color are effective in bringing positive change;

Heart Messages combine the power of the most common symbol of love with color and positive words. 

Green – balance and harmony

Turquoise – communication between the heart and the spoken word

Blue – trust, honesty and loyalty

Purple – imagination and spirituality

Magenta – universal harmony and emotional balance

Red – energy and passion

Orange – warmth and happiness

Each Heart Message is gift boxed and includes a gift card that explains more about the color.  Photos are representative, although there a similarities each Heart Message is one of a kind, there are variations in size, shape, color, and beading.