This month has brought so much to Stone and Glass.

Wow, I am having a very hard time believing that yet another month has passed since I last sat down to write a catch-up note to all of our Patrons, glass friends and family. This month has brought so much to Stone and Glass. Carol, Jon and I have so much to be thankful for, mostly we are thankful to every one of you who has made the personal choice to support our studio and made it possible for us to keep the flame alive for yet another month. The challenge is constant and has not lessened, but through your kindness, somehow, we keep the gas on and have a reason to come in every day and exercise our creativity.

We feel the pressure to make each month even better than the last month.

Every month brings on a new creative challenge. We mostly want to surprise and delight you with a new design, hopefully even better than the previous month. It is the designing of a new color combination each month that keeps our creative juices flowing and brings us together as team.  Sometimes the new design starts with a word or sentence. Sometimes we are inspired by a photograph. Sometimes it is just the shear energy of the studio and playing with the hot gooey stuff. The creative process usually entails four or five test runs before we all can agree on the new design. It is exciting to ship the new glasses each month and then hear your comments once you receive them. As our patrons, your reactions are very important to our process. The hardest part for us creatives is that we feel the pressure to make each month even better than the last month.

Acceptance, change and pivot

Life during COVID is a series of acceptance, change and pivot, the key to peace of mind for us has been to let go of what was and embrace what is, staying focused on moving forward. This month we are calling our art on your glass “Art of Change.” We could think of no better way to celebrate October than a beautiful representation of changing fall trees showing us how lovely it is to let go.

Creating the Art of Change

Creating this edition was an especially fun journey because the idea came from a cancelled vacation.  Carol and I had planned to spend a week at a lakeside inn in New Hampshire in late September. Due to COVID, that trip was canceled. Carol found this lovely and inspiring picture of the season and the beautiful colors of change. We had to work very hard to capture the essence of this image.


After several different attempts we finally arrived on the use of a soft copper blue representing the healthful waters of life, which then fades up to sparkling green and an explosion of fall colors of golds, greens, reds and oranges.

We hope that “The Art of Change” inspires you every time you use it.


Thank you again for making it possible for us to play with fire for yet another month. I look forward to sharing next month with you soon. Be well, stay safe, wear your masks and please, please vote.

Peace and love on your journey,