The story behind the Heart Message is a lesson in communication, the very thing they are meant to promote.

Glass hearts are a popular collectible, they make wonderful gifts for so many occasions. The problem is most of them are flat, they get lost, you cannot see them unless you are standing over them.

We wanted to create a heart, a small piece of handmade art, that would become a cherished gift, displayed for all to enjoy. We also wanted a way to add a personalized message that expressed the feelings of the gift-giver.

James and I put our heads together and came up with a way to make a heart that would stand and show its color from across the room. After many discussions and iterations, we came up with a design that is elegant and made to inspire. The unique design of the hearts allows for maximum visibility when displayed on a tabletop, desk or display case.

Positive words, thoughts and color are effective in bringing positive change, Heart Messages combine the power of the most common symbol of love with color, powerful words meant to spread love and encouragement.

Here are the colors we use for our Heart Messages and their meanings.

Green – balance and harmony

Turquoise – communication between the heart and the spoken word

Blue – Trust, honesty and loyalty

Purple – imagination and spirituality

Magenta – universal harmony and emotional balance

Red – energy and passion

Orange – warmth and happiness

Each Heart Message is a hand sculpted solid glass heart adorned with carefully chosen beads and charms carrying positive words.  Heart Messages are gift boxed and include a blank gift card with a description of the effect of the color of your Heart Message.

The shape, shades of color and combination of smooth glass and beads invite touch as well as providing visual pleasure.  They are designed to be kept where you most need a reminder to take a breath and find peace, love, acceptance, harmony, balance and inspiration.

Heart messages make wonderful holiday gifts for Mom, Dad, Graduates, Bride, Groom, Wedding Attendants, Anniversary, Birthday, Bat Mitzvah or just to say how much you care.

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