What exactly is creativity? Where does it come from? What does it look like? How do we absorb it into our bodies? How do we process it? How do we create outcome? And most importantly what are the artifacts of the experience of creating.

Creativity is an organic living energy. It needs to be planted, nurtured, fed, watered, pruned and harvested.

The seeds already exist and have always existed in the force we call energy. We as humans consume that very energy in many forms.

In fact, because energy attracts energy, we attract those seeds right into our bodies. They all end up right into our hearts.

The energy is transferred into our blood which distributes it all over our bodies. After all, we are energy beings.

Our blood deposits these energy seeds, the seeds of creativity in the fertile ground of our brains.

In our brains, we feed the seeds of creativity; we water them and love them every living moment.

Low and behold the seeds begin to sprout. They start to grow into a picture. The more we feed them with more energy, the bigger and more defined they become. The picture fills with details.

Once the picture has sprouted we begin to process the picture, to try to understand it. We define and refine the process in our heads.

Now it is time to get it out. We then merge our picture with the most powerful force in the universe, intention.

But it is still not quite ready to move the process to outcome. We must first sprinkle our image merged with intention with magic pixy dust, action.

Once we have grown our seeds into fully developed pictures, merged with intention and sprinkled with action we have created outcome, the outcome that becomes our very lives.

We create our lives from the pictures in our brains which are created from the seeds of creativity in the energy we consume.