After a fire at a neighboring business that damaged our property, we had to deal with the sheer shock of coping with the fact that our beloved studio (and our livelihood) was destroyed. The next step was to move forward and find a new home for our glassblowing and artist’s studio.

The search for a new home began on April 1. There was so much to consider before making the final choice. Just what location would welcome and support a glassmaking operation? The city of Escondido was the first to step forward. We were very excited when they assured us that we would be welcomed with open arms. A meeting was arranged with several key city departments, including fire, building and planning.

They all pledged their support, including City Manager Jeff Epp and Mayor Sam Abed. Next, the search was on for a building to house our studio/gallery operation. After the experience of the fire, we knew we needed to look at building safety first. Even though Stone and Glass had nothing to do with the fire at the neighboring mattress factory where the fire originated on Simpson Way, we learned quite a bit about joint tenancy.

We no longer wanted neighbors who store large volumes of potential fuel. In fact, one of our main requirements was a standalone building, preferably one that is constructed of steel and concrete. Three phase electric power was also a must.

Having a landlord who is flexible and understanding was important to find during our search. We made three attempts on three separate locations, but alas, for one reason or another we were not successful. Then, in a rather serendipitous meeting with another artist who just happened to mention that he was scaling down and his current studio was going to become available on September 1st, my immediate response was, “take me to your leader!”