Home at last! Home at last! Even though we signed a lease on a new space last month, it didn’t seem real until just this week, when we started writing checks for the building upgrades.

We had been looking for a new home for Stone and Glass for five months now. Finding the right location, with the right property owner, for the right price has been a challenge. There was so much to consider and so many things that have to happen–almost magically–that you probably have a better chance of hitting the lottery than finding the building.

After three failed attempts of securing a studio/gallery space, I rather serendipitously mentioned to our friend and fellow artist Tim Cline of the Dive Gallery that we loved his space and if he were to ever want to give it up we would be interested in assuming his lease. He responded by saying, “as a matter of fact I am planning on moving to a smaller space in August.” My incredulous response was, “take me to your leader, right now, this very minute.” We went and found the owners of 629 West Grand Ave. at Hawthorne Country Store. When things are meant to happen, they just happen.

Terry, one of the property owners said, “I know you; I bought my wife a gift certificate for one of your glassblowing classes last Christmas and she has not had time to use it.” My response to him, “When we move into your building, she can just walk across the parking lot and take the class.” Within about 10 days we had met all the property owners, explained our needs and had a handshake agreement.

After five months of suffering the loss of our beloved studio we had a deal to move forward at 629 West Grand Ave. in downtown Escondido, right in the heart of the Gateway Transit District. It’s magic at its best.