This week is the final week before the grand opening! It promises to be a killer week. I don’t think that I can take any more heart attack level incidents. But I’m sure that there will be one or two.

In addition to hoping that the electricians finish their job on time so that we can get final approval and get all the equipment hooked up and tested, we need to clean the shop and set up the gallery. Carol, my beautiful and wonderful wife, is taking the lead in the gallery. We do not have much inventory. What we have on hand will be washed, polished and displayed very artistically. It’s our hope that there will be patrons who will pre-order their holiday gifts.

If people put in their orders soon, we will prime the pump and get started quickly. Unfortunately, there is much of the studio that will not get finished before we open. Don’t look out back behind the building. There will be piles of construction by-product. We ran out of cash before we could finish the front patio; for the moment it is unfinished. The shop will not get painted. It is just the way large complex projects go: they run longer and cost more than anyone expects. I could give you a list, but I don’t want to make myself sick yet again. Once a glassblowing facility goes dark, it is very hard to reignite the flame. Some studios never come back on. But as long as we get the final building department sign off by end of day Tuesday, we at least will be hot. We should be able to demonstrate at the grand opening ceremony. We so look forward to it!

Grand Re-Opening: Saturday, November 11: 1-7pm. come see the new space and enjoy light refreshments and live entertainment.