If you’re wondering what to expect for each class…First of all, SAFETY is first. We will be working in a glass blowing environment at more than 2000 degrees. Every class starts with a safety talk and discussion on the history of glass blowing to provide a better understanding of the process of creating art in glass. Students will work with our team to design and create in glass. Everyone will be given the opportunity to choose from basic colors and several design options before beginning a piece.  After you complete your work in class, your glass art pieces must be brought down to temperature slowly and will be ready for pick up in about a week.

Since safety is huge in our studio, we insist that students wear all cotton or natural fiber clothing and closed-toe shoes. An example of a great selection of attire would be: jeans and a t-shirt with tennis shoes or boots. Absolutely no short shorts or short skirts are allowed during class, your thighs must be covered when you sit down. (If you are improperly dressed you may not be permitted to participate and your fee will not be refunded.) If you’ve got long hair, you’ll want to pull it up and away from your face. Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated; it gets hot in here. If you have sensitive skin or eyes, consider bringing sunscreen and sunglasses.

Hopefully all of the above is not too overwhelming because we really do care about your safety and want everyone to have a fun and be safe! For classes please visit: //stoneandglass.com/book-a-class/