James Stone, an Ocean Conservation Mixed Media Sculpture Artist, of Stone & Glass is offering a limited time holiday offer for an Introduction to Glass-Blowing Class. This beginner’s class will teach the history and basic safety guidelines for glass blowing. Participants will then have the chance to apply their knowledge to design and create their own unique drinking glass.

James draws inspiration from the ocean and its diverse marine life and his designs speak his message of warning that marine life is disappearing at rapid rates due to overfishing and climate change. He has received high recognition and acclaim and has achieved awards from numerous festivals, expositions and shows across Southern California.

Stone & Glass has been serving the San Diego region residents and business owners for over 10 years. Stone & Glass creates various products using their own unique processes and techniques for individual clients, restaurants, businesses, and museums. They have become quite popular for their wide offering of art classes and their various art projects have captivated artists of all ages and backgrounds.

With store lines miles long, holiday shopping can be exhausting and appear endless. Rather than spending hours browsing aisles and waiting in lines, take yourself on a creative journey that will inspire and amaze. Unleash your creativity with eco-conscious glassware and give a priceless and unique gift this holiday season that will last a lifetime.

Claim our special offer here: //conta.cc/1MZ4QG2