Well, the journey of rising from the ashes of adversity has been quite the experience. This past week was a big week with lots of challenges along the road. We had been losing ground for several weeks.

In the middle of last week, we discovered a potentially project-ending mistake in the HVAC system design. Potentially $8000 could be flushed, cause a huge delay and cost more to repair the problem. My heart just about stopped. It was followed by two sleepless nights.

Having the right people in the right positions is a definite asset. Between the contractor and the building inspector, we were able to come up with a no-cost solution. (Heart attack diverted!) On Friday, we were scheduled to have the final checks of the LP gas system, get connected and signed off. Surprise: a small leak was identified but not located. The leak could be as little as $400 to fix or require a complete replacement of the new underground line, somewhere between $2000 and $4000. Thankfully, on Saturday, AmeriGas sent their most experienced technician to diagnose the problem. After a re-piping of the final connections between the underground line and the tanks, the leak was mysteriously gone. (Second heart attack diverted!)

The gas was finally turned on Saturday. After almost seven months without fire, we had “first flame.”

Even though we do not have the final sign off, on Monday we will start to candle up the main furnace. It takes a few days to get it up to full temp. With any luck, we will be entirely approved by Tuesday afternoon and on Thursday morning, just in time for our scheduled television appearance. Everything will be HOT!