Rebuilding Stone & Glass From Scratch

After a fire at a neighboring business that damaged our property, we had to deal with the sheer shock of coping with the fact that our beloved studio (and our livelihood) was destroyed. The next step was to move forward and find a new home for our glassblowing and artist’s [...]

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What inspired you to work in glass? What do you like most about it? The quality of the color and manipulating colored light was my first attraction, at age 12. I very quickly became addicted to the tactile and sensual quality of the material. Working in front of the flame [...]

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Case Study: Earth Echo

At least once in every artist’s lifetime, an opportunity for creating a career-high creation presents itself. It’s often referred to as “being kissed by the muse.” Part of an artist’s job is to be able to recognize the best opportunity and capitalize on it. I live to discover those grand [...]

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