First Flame

Well, the journey of rising from the ashes of adversity has been quite the experience. This past week was a big week with lots of challenges along the road. We had been losing ground for several weeks. In the middle of last week, we discovered a potentially project-ending mistake in [...]

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Home Stretch before the Grand Opening

This week is the final week before the grand opening! It promises to be a killer week. I don’t think that I can take any more heart attack level incidents. But I'm sure that there will be one or two. In addition to hoping that the electricians finish their job [...]

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What It Takes: Opening a New Studio

What does it take to open or reopen a glass blowing studio? It’s a Herculean effort, really. There is a huge difference between a small studio in your backyard and a place that is visible and open to the public. In your backyard, you can probably get away without all [...]

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Journey to Stone and Glass 2.0

Home at last! Home at last! Even though we signed a lease on a new space last month, it didn’t seem real until just this week, when we started writing checks for the building upgrades. We had been looking for a new home for Stone and Glass for five months [...]

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