Covid appears to be here to stay

So, at least for the moment, Covid appears to be here to stay. How sad for everyone on the planet, these are difficult times for us all including those of us who make art.  As artists, our passion, the thing that drives us to create, is usually the challenge of bringing an emotional moment to our viewers and patrons. What defines good art? Art that causes the viewer to stop, take a breath and enjoy both the art and the moment. In my mind that quality defines art and what makes a piece of art good.

During the last three of four months finding my happy place in the studio had been increasingly difficult. I miss our students. I miss our patrons and customers coming in for a visit and a chat. I am inspired by the interactions I have with people, especially those who visit in my studio. I often invite visitors to step inside and experience the energy of creation and watch Jon and I play with the hot gooey stuff.

We have had a host of equipment and facility challenges. The basic financial changes have been daunting. Working artists seem to be part of the invisible economy and do not seem to qualify for much in the way of assistance.   Last week everything started to improve.

After weeks of struggle

We finally got our new energy efficient furnace up and running.  Jon and I are finally back on the glassblowing floor, doing what we love to do most.

We are dedicating a portion of creative time every month to creating a series of drinking glasses specially designed for members of our Collectors Club.  We start by picking several colors that we both like. We then mix them to see what we can create.

Back to The Flame

We hope that this months’ Collectors Club offering inspires and excites you as much as it did us. It is called “Back to The Flame.”

This glass is composed of a rich cobalt blue glass on the bottom, which represents mother ocean. I used one of my favorite turquoise blues to represent the lightness of hope. The top is a golden hue representing the light of life. The surprises are an intense red made from copper and of course the sparkles of titanium, which is the flame.

Join the Collector’s Club by August 22 to receive this glass.  As you enjoy our favorite beverage please take a moment to look through the bottom of the glass. I promise that the color of “Back to The Flame” will make your heart warm and bring a smile.

As always, everyone at Stone and Glass appreciates your support.  Until next month, be safe. May you be blessed with peace and love on your journey.

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